#40: Vermintide: End Times (pc)

7€ down the drain ^^

How the hell does this take up ~50gb? The expansions are preloaded? The base game is short and repetitive as shit, the only redeeming thing was playing it in co-op.

I was so confused I did not take a photo of the ending cinematic so a photo of the achievements will have to do.


4/10 Smelly rodents

and no, I am not grinding this game for better gear so that I can beat the same missions again.

I have been doing some renovating upstairs so I have not had time, or energy to, play much.


#39: Turok (2008, X360)

FPK (first person knifer) with lots of dinos and some Helghast that got lost and ended up in the wrong game. Yeah, I know it’s a FPS but the knife is so powerful that you will never use a gun against the raptors! You get close and when the “press RT” shows up you just instakill the poor thing 😦

It’s a pretty nice game, looks good enough and sounds ok but I had a real problem with the sensitivity, I put it on the lowest and still had huge problems aiming, I wish I had played it on PC for better precision…

The second thing that made me scratch my head was the QTE with Kane…I died 5 times before I got it and I did nothing different. I mashed LT as much as I could but he still got me…maybe it just bugged out and did not register the button properly…weird.

The world needs more dinosaur games!


6/10 Knives

It’s late (02:43) and I need to be up at 07 to get to work…yay for taking long walks in the night ^^ (I beat the game before walking)

I should play the original Turok on N64…


#38: Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris (ps4)

This is a true co-op game! You have to help each other all the time to get through the different tombs. It is pretty short, around 5-6 hours, but there are a bunch of stuff to do after you beat the main story. We only did one of those orange challenge stones and we felt that we were done with the game. It is a nice little game and if it’s on sale and you have a friend to play it with I’d say go for it.

Temple of Osiris

7/10 Helping hands

#37: Resident Evil 5 (X360)

Fun in co-op but a far cry from the horror of the first game. The only thing I do not understand is the idiotic way you start a co-op game, what the hell is wrong with  a lobby were you “press x to join”? Start the game in Singleplayer, wait for it to load, wait for it to save, press start on the second controller, land in a lobby, both press ready and then wait for it to load again…what the hell?


(I missed the chopper flying away into the sunrise…)

8/10 Sweet sunrises?

Enough Resident Evil, at least for a while.


#36: Resident Evil Revelations 2 (ps4)

Enough of these cliffhanger endings, what the hell!? I guess I’ll have to wait for Revelations 3? yeeeesh 😦

I played this in co-op and my friend was a bit annoyed that all he could do was point at things and throw bricks. Player 1 controls Barry/Clair and Player 2 controls Natalia/Moira and only Player one can use fire arms. interesting but not all that fun for the second player.

oh, and fuck the invisible enemies. Player 2 has to aim at them to see them and Player 1 has to figure out where the enemy is by looking at the second players screen. Fuck. That.

This is not the worst Resident Evil but it is not close to the best, i’d place it somewhere in the middle…I like how the Zombies look.


5/10 unsatisfactory endings

(My friend gives his part 4/10! He says that he liked the monster design ^^)

Just for fun here is my top 5 Resident Evil games ^^

  1. Resident Evil Remake HD
  2. Resident Evil 2
  3. Resident Evil 0
  4. Resident Evil 3
  5. Resident Evil 7

For co-op i’d say Resident Evil 5…hmm…


#35: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (ps2)

So, this is a 3d platforming game where you collect jigg…power cells and note…precursor orbs, hmmm, at least you don’t carry around an orange sidekick that talks aloWAIT A MINUTE o_o I am getting strong Banjo Kazooie vibes here ^^

I liked this game but I died A LOT and maybe that is my controllers fault because the double jump just would not work at times :/ Other than some problems with the controls (especially in the citadel) this was a fun and colorful game and if the other games in the series are like this I just might play another one ^^


7/10 Flut Fluts ^^

#34: DiRT 3 Complete Edition (pc)

I got this for free a long time ago, might have been on Humble Bundle. It’s been a while since I last played a racing game, I think it was Forza 3, so it was time ^^

The story mode has you drifting, doing rally stages, racing in rally cross and going head to head. I do feel like the courses did repeat quite a bit and the game felt kind of tedious after a while. It does have a great feel to it when you are driving but I wish there was more…something…maybe I am comparing it to Gran Turismo and Forza. Dirt 3 is a good arcade rally game, do not expect anything deeper ^^


6/10 Flipping rally cars

What are some good racing games?