#73: Quake 2 (pc)

Yes, more Quake!

In this game you actually have someone tell you what your current mission is and I guess that makes this feel more…modern? The maps are made up of sections and you have to do some backtracking to get things done but that is all fine ^^

I do have some things that annoyed me: Gradients, running down ramps and stuff was…slippery. Then we have the mouse that got all hyper at times, making me spin around, I have no clue why that happened. There does not seem to be any music in the Steam version of the game?

It was a fun game and, in my opinion, a couple of steps up from the first Quake. I have beaten Quake 4 a long time ago but maybe I should play it again?


6/10 Stroggs

My back is killing me and my throat is dead from too much talking. I need rest and sleep…



#72: Quake (pc)

Ugh, it’s been too hot to game here plus I have been working extra (I am still not done with the extra work, one week left) but now it’s a bit cooler and a friend wanted to play Quake 1 co-op!

The thing with co-op is…well, you get grenaded around a lot ^^ It was still fun and it was, how do I say this, it was my first time beating Quake. The shame.

I do think that the game felt a bit like a tech demo, like they wanted to show us 3D, it was also pretty short. Co-op is what saved this, for me at least.

I have already started playing Quake 2!


4/10 Lovecrafts?

I knew I’d play less these two months so I made sure to have beaten a bunch of games. I am not worried yet ^^

#71: Mega Man 4 (nes)

This will be a slow month. It’s been really warm here and in one week I will start working extra so I’ll probably not play much…but then again, I only need to beat 29 more games so It should be ok If I have a slow month ^^

Anyway, the thread at SNDB.se voted for Mega Man 4 as the next game to play together ^^ I feel like this had more dips in the frame rate than Mega Man 5…maybe it’s just because I played MM5 on emulator?

It’s a NES Mega Man game, you know what you are getting. This is the first game to feature the charge buster and I love it ^^


7/10 Charged lemons!

#70: [Prototype] (ps3)

Yeeeesh, this was hard! The lock on thing does not work all that great when there are a hundred enemies on screen, locking on to the right enemy can be frustrating. It’s been a while since I wanted to rage quit a game but this fucking thing almost cost me my PS3 controller.

I like things about the game, the different powers, hijacking vehicles, stealing peoples likeness and jumping across town, it’s all pretty sweet. That said the combat can be REALLY frustrating and if it wasn’t  for some lenient checkpoints my PS3 would have ended up in my garden ^^

The last fight was especially annoying and I lost count how many times I threw stuff att normal soldiers or choppers. That the nuke went off FOUR TIMES while the Hunter was stunned and had no health! One time I had grabbed him and was hanging on to his back while the screen turned white. The rage was real.


5/10 Tentacles

Well, that marks 50 games that I have never beaten before and 70 games overall and I am only halfway through this year…I may have time for some RPGs…

#69: Link’s Awakening (gb)

For being on the Game Boy this was a really big game :O And a confusing one…I killed a goomba in a Zelda game…and that was not the only enemy that got lost and ended up in this game, there were LOTS of them! Chain-chomps, piranha plants, the fish (cheapcheap?) and even Wart! :O oh…and kirby :s

It’s still Zelda though and it has all the things that make a great Zelda game! Equipment, upgrades, dungeons and bosses ^^ The dungeons get progressively more difficult and in the Eagle Tower I got stuck and…checked a guide :/ I guess that is just me being slow and the game developers being smart ^^

I did get impossibly stuck on the “floor-face-boss” though. I had no bombs and I tried everything before checking the internet how to beat it without bombs and I could not find anything about that so I had to farm for bombs 😦 Same thing with the last boss where you need magic powder, I had to walk and get the witch to make me some more powder with a mushroom.

I still liked the game and it feels very Zelda but at some parts, with all the Mario enemies, it felt like a rom hack. I still recommend it to fans of Zelda ^^

As you can see I played it on my SNES because comfort is king!


7/10 Terrifying frog concerts :O

#68: Red Dead Redemption (x360)

The wild west is full of disgusting people…and I think I helped all of them at some point.

I know I am ~8 years late here but this game was really great! I was afraid that I had waited too long but this game holds up really well and I would say it looks and sounds better than many games that come out now. The controls can be a bit clunky but most of the time it’s fine ^^

I don’t want to talk about the story but I love the missions close to the end…and the end, yeeesh. I can’t really post any of the pictures I took since they contain a metric fuck-ton of spoilers so I’ll just post a picture of the achievement for the “last” mission ^^

Oh and the real last mission does not have a big letter showing where it is but it’s not hard figuring out where to find it ^^


8/10 Sweet stories

I started playing this yesterday evening (jun20) and I finished it today (jun21). I was just supposed to see if the disc would load since it looked kind of rough…just under 15 hours of gameplay later the credits rolled. No, I was not at all productive today and I really do not care because this was a really good time 😀

If you are slow like me and missed this game when it came out you should really give it a chance, it’s good.

#67: Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (pc)

I remember when this came out and I played it on 24k modem…yeah, I feel old.

It has not aged well at all and I got bored pretty fast. Hold left mouse button down to walk around and click/hold right button to kill things and just keep doing that for hours on end until you beat it ^^ I played as the Necromancer and I had a friend playing a Barbarian with me.

I have a couple of friends that like Diablo 2 and my brother did speedrun it before so I get dragged back into playing it sometimes. This was the last time though, I am done with this, I’ll just say “no thanks” next time ^^


4/10 times I stayed a while and listened…

Before you bring the flames of hate!!! Please refresh your memory and play the game ^^