#77-79: Shredders Revenge and more.

Waking up on Friday after work I felt like I had sandpaper stuck in my throat, great start ^^ With energy levels real low I started out by beating Ufouria (#77) early Saturday morning. It’s a good game and kind of a hidden gem for the NES. It plays a bit like metroid and the different characters you play as are fun. I got stuck once because of a glitch but I saved a bunch of passwords so it was fine. I just saw that I played this before, in 2015, and I have to agree with my past self…only having 10hp after dying is a bit ass. Lots of farming for life. Still a good game though πŸ¦†

After some sleep it’s Saturday night and I feel even worse ^^ A friend comes over and we play through Turtles: Shredders Revenge (#78)with me constantly yawning …yeah, energy levels are below low at this point πŸ˜‘ At least the game was good! Probably the best Turtles game ever and one of the best new-retro games I’ve played 🐒 It would be cool to get some people together and actually play 7 player co-op ^^

Wanting to pad the numbers a bit I ran through Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (#79) for the OG Gameboy. I died on the second to last boss so it actually took 45 minutes! Yeah, I feel kind of cheap playing games like this 😏

Now I need to get some sleep and hope that this cold fucks off. This year keeps being shit…at least I’m not having a fever AGAIN…knock on wood 😐

#74: 80’s Overdrive + #75 and #76

#74: 80’s Overdrive (PC)

It’s a racing game in the style of the oldschool, outrun, looking games ^^ Win races, earn money and upgrade your car, simple stuff, really easy…until you get to the final race! A one on one against a car that is faster than your car so you can’t just drive clean and win…you have to boost past and block the cheater from passing you ^^ Oh and you only have 2 boosts so you use one to pass him and then you have one left in case you fuck up and let him overtake. The game got a real boost in difficulty right at the end 🐊

5/10 Angry cops

#75: Wonderboy: Dragon’s Trap (PC)

This is nostalgic for me me and my brother had this for the Master System back in the day ^^

Here we have a remake with real nice artwork that stays faithful to the original sprites and music that, while beautiful, can get a bit too…much. I just like the simplicity of the old music ^^

The great thing is that you can, with the press of a button, change between original sprites and the new, hand painted sweetness AND the same goes for the music so you can have the new art with the old soundtrack or vice versa πŸ‘

If I remember correctly the gameplay is the same as the original, with the added challenge of the area called “The unknown”. I have not played through that stuff but it feels like a challenge-thingie and I don’t have time for that, I need to play more games πŸ¦†


#76: Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)

I’ve played this before (duh) and it’s one of the best games for the GBA and one of the best remakes of all time! The only part I do not like is the mother brain fight. You feel like a pinball getting pushed around by small canons, doughnut canons and mother brains hadouken…oh and the floor is lava…and I was swimming in it for most of the fight 🐟 Still a great game πŸ‘Œ


Now I need to figure out what to play this weekend…Ufouria for the NES? Metroid Fusion? Sonic 3? Do I play it safe and run through Turtles fall of the foot clan for Gameboy and maybe Bust-a-move 2? I know I’ll lose a weekend to Halloween because I’ll probably drink a couple of stiff drinks with people from work so I’ll probably have to play this safe for a bit…

#70-73: Sega Games!

Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (SMS)

Played it before! It’s still pretty impressive for a 8-bit game and It’s good too! Give it a go ^^

The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck (SMS)

Played it before! I managed to get killed by a ghost on the last level and the game froze…a dude in chat told me it was a known bug so, you know…AΓ€ARGH!! Had to go to the gym and rage-lift before I could fin the chill to start the game over 🦏 It’s still a pretty sweet game for the Sega Master System and I’d recommend it to anyone who would like to get into the system ^^

7/10 Huge rewards for a job well done…πŸ¦†

Turtles Hyperstone Heist (SWITCH)

The SECOND game I have not streamed on twitch this year. A friend had the Turtles Collection for the Switch so we ran through it in co-op ^^ Pretty different from Turtles in Time, even though they share a bunch of stuff, and not as good but worth your time if you liked that one. It was originally for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis but it’s one of the games I am missing in my collection.

6/10 Hero Turtles (because Ninja was a dangerous word in Europe back then)

Quackshot (GEN)

Played it before but it seems it was before I started this blog…

It’s a platformer with Donald Duck in search for a great duck treasure! There’s some backtracking to find items that’ll let you progress so that’s pretty cool. As with most of the Disney games of this era it’s well animated, looks real nice and the gameplay is pretty good too.

6/10 Tigers πŸ˜’

Yeah I needed to beat a bunch of games…three every week until the end of the year if I’m mathing correctly…that’s going to be a bit stressy πŸ˜…

and now I’m tired and I need to get to bed so that I can work tonight πŸ˜‘

#68: A Story About My Uncle (pc) and #69: Bust-A-Move 4 (ps1)

Never played A Story About My Uncle before but I had heard that it was pretty fun and pretty short…and I’ve had it on the Epic Launcher for a while so it was time.

It’s a cool first person platformer with lots of grappling beam swinging and rocket boot flying. The gameplay is real nice, the voiceover is…there, the story is fine and the game looks pleasant. It WAS short and took only 2 hours to beat.

5/10 trips to the abyss

Bust-A-Move 4 (PS1)

The first game I did not stream on twitch! “I’ll just see if it works on emulator…yep, seems to be working…cute dinosaur, yes πŸ¦†” and then 4 hours had passed and the game was beaten sooo…yes 😐 I took a picture of the ending screen so at least I got that.

It’s the classic Bubble Bobble spin off where you shoot bubbles of different colors with the goal to stack three or more to clear them out. Simple but addicting ^^

6/10 Tarot cards :s

I have four more games that I have beaten THIS weekend but they’ll get a separate post πŸ¦†

#66: Biota (pc) #67: Blazing Chrome (pc)

Right, updating…I beat this last weekend x)

Got it from a friend who thought it was pretty awesome…and it is pretty awesome, yes πŸ¦†

Retro-style, Metroid-like, bite-sized and pretty fun. You have a handful of characters you can change between but I found the shotgun guy and I never looked back ^^ Kill enemies, collect powerups and key cards to progress.

The controls are a bit slippery at times and jumping and shooting is weird but all in all it’s fine, a bit short, recommended for Metroid fans πŸ‘

7/10 Sweet elevator rides ^^

#67: Blazing Chrome (pc)

Played it before but this time I played it in co-op…I actually think it’s harder in co-op x) Still a good game. Could have been called Contra 5 and I would have been like; “yep, that checks out” πŸ¦†

#58-#65: Last week of vacation.

I’ve not really played a lot of games during my vacation and so I fell behind even further. As you see by the title I did plow through a bunch of games this last week.

#58: bit Dungeon (PC)

Never played this one before! It’s like The Binding of Isaac with randomized dungeons, item upgrading and a cute/disgusting style. I played this for 3 hours but that was because I did not know how to stop the game from looping…you need to click the heart in your inventory and that will take you to the final boss. The game was simple and I got bored of it pretty fast…and my clicky-finger got tired. It’s ok, nothing special.

4/10 Bits

#59: Streets of Rage 4 (PC, co-op)

Another new one for me! It’s Streets of Rage and that’s all I have to say about it. It’s a beat em up and beat em ups are always more fun with friends ^^

6/10 Neon signs

#60: Fight ‘n Rage (PC, co-op)

Played it before but it’s actually a fun game so after Streets of Rage me and my friend played through this too ^^ The best thing with this beat em up is that, if you die you can come back as long as your friend can stay alive until your timer counts down! Oh, the pixel graphics are nice and so is the music. It’s good stuff πŸ¦† Oh and the game has a bunch of different endings and unlockables so if you like the game it has some replay value.

7/10 Doorframe-breaking-bull-mutants 😁

#61: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (SNES)

Hmm, I don’t know about this one…I’ve played it before and really liked it…but now I’m not so sure. There are some cool bosses and the egg throwing is pretty fun but the game feels…depressing? Can’t put my finger on it. The game is a bit slippery and sometimes the flying/floating move didn’t work. Could have been the controller…I killed that controller 😐 Oh and the last boss, as cool as it looks, plays like shit. You think you know when to throw your eggs but no, you don’t! πŸ˜‘

This one makes me confused…I’m sure I liked the game last time I played it!? RIP Retro-bit controller.

5/10 Cracked Yoshi eggs.

#62: Turtles in Time (SNES, co-op)

A classic that’s a must play title for SNES! Oh and of course it should be played in co-op ^^

8/10 Pizzas (with pineapple…handle it)

#63: Kirby’s Dream Land (GB)

Well this was easy and so cute it hurts. That a small blob could be so expressive on the original Gameboy is pretty amazing. The game is almost too easy but it’s fun and you’ll beat it in around 30 minutes. Good little platformer ^^

6/10 Hungry orbs

#64: Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES)

I played it back in 2015 and nothing has changed, it’s still my favorite DK game on the snes, it’s still a 7/10…the monke is still slippery πŸ¦†

#65: Kirby’s Adventure (NES)

Kirby in color! A step up from the Gameboy game, for sure! Swallow enemies and get their abilities ^^ Favorites include the fire breathing, the sword and the wheel ^^ It’s a step up in difficulty too but it’s still a pretty easy game as far as NES games go. The game looks nice, the music is upbeat and fun, bosses are cool and the only bad thing I can say about it would probably be that it gets a bit boring between bosses.

I still think it’s one of the better games on the console and you should probably try it out if you’ve managed to miss it πŸ¦†

7/10 Devoured enemies

I would love to work my way to 70 beaten games before August ends but we’ll see what happens…115 beaten games seem pretty far away πŸ€”

#57: Necromunda: Hired Gun (pc)

So they saw DooM Eternal and thought “We can do that”…and it’s close but yeahnah. The story is meh, the gameplay is DooM Eternal but with lack of polish and a fair amount of bugs. NPC animations are…not great and sometimes you just die in a couple of seconds…because, I guess aimbot kicked in 😐

A couple of times I got stuck in the ground and most of the time I could just hookshot myself free but one time I got stuck in one of the floating skull-screen-drone-things (you can teleport out of the mission with them or buy stim packs) while a boss and his goons blasted me…the fight ended when I, in my panic, managed to click the damned thing while mashing space…level restarted πŸ˜‘

Speaking of the bosses! They are just bullet sponges and there is nothing special about them. At least give them a life bar so that I know how much longer I need to dodge around.

At least the environments look nice and the music and sound is great so…that’s something positive πŸ¦† I guess it’s fun to upgrade your characters bionics too but…meh, I barely used the active upgrades πŸ€”

The game has one thing that DooM Eternal does not…a dog! At least it started out as a dog but then I found that I could upgrade the poor thing and it turned into some meat/metal abomination! He was still a good boi though and helped me out when I needed him 🐾

I short: They should have worked on it for a bit longer, fixing some bugs and shining it up a bit. It crashed on me twice in the 10 hours it took for me to beat it, I’ve played worse games. Maybe if you like 40K but I’d say play DooM Eternal instead.

4/10 “Dogs”

Yeah this was pretty boring. What next? A friend told me to try Bit Dungeon…it’s short and it looks like it could be fun πŸ€”

Started jogging again. 5.6km in 33 minutes, not bad for a fat nerd πŸ¦›

#56: Cuphead (pc)

My brother came down for some bbq, drinks and gaming ^^ “Let’s play cuphead” he said…what a great choice πŸ˜‘

Interesting design choice and some pretty cool looking bosses…and fuck everything else ^^

I saw a comment on a speedrun that told someone to “stick with it, you’ll love it” and to that I’ll just say; I wish we would have just quit and started played Legend of Man or Turtles: Shredders Revenge or ANYTHING else instead.

We could NOT get the controls to play nice with us and the dodge/dash, parry and jumping simply would not work a lot of the time, the timing on things were really weird. Maybe it was the steam link causing some small delay? I don’t know. We did not have fun.

I’ll say that both of us are used to harder games so it’s not like we suck at gaming in general! My Brother loves a good Souls game and he has a bunch of hard NES titles under his belt. I used to speedrun Contra and Ninja Gaiden and I have also beaten Dark Souls (PS3) and Bloodborne. This was the hardest game we have played and for all the wrong reasons. I’m sorry, I do not see what others see in this.

Bad ending? We. Do. Not. Care. Credits and we are out πŸ¦…

Oh and I know I said “all games are more fun in co-op”…that might not be true because we managed to confuse our characters a bunch of times and we messed each other up by throwing special moves without warning first. Oh and when you manage to hit the “start over” square in the casino you do feel like a complete idiot for wasting the other players time ^^

3/10 Run ‘n Guns (fuck those stages, not even fun)

This year is the year of Anger and bullshit ^^ I have been sick with a high fever 3 times, my shoulder got messed up (still hurts 5 months later), I had a massive ear infection that lasted for 5 weeks and the first week of my vacation I had a gum infection that hurt like a son of a bitch (I still feel it). Is that enough bullshit? For the love of Sonic, please tell me the bullshit is over and the rest of the year is smooth sailing 😐

#55: Fury Unleashed

I am still playing games! So much stuff has happened and the gaming had to wait.

I did play Fury Unleashed with a friend last week though and it was a pretty fun run ‘n gun game. It is rouge-lite so you’ll play “the same” world a couple of times until you are upgraded/good enough to beat the bosses and unlock the next world! There are only 4 worlds but it still took us over 10 hours! Lots of fun weapons and bosses to use them on ^^

The only problem I found with this game would be the online co-op being a bit…weird. It’s not really synced and it looked like my friend just tanked all the damage and not dying and it was the same the other way around. It also bugged out and lost connection once 😐 Couch co-op would probably be better.

Other than that the game is fine, gets a bit grindy but not too bad, and I do not regret playing it so…πŸ¦† Everything is better in co-op ^^

5/10 Bad-ass co-op teams Unleashed

#54: Warhammer 40K: Space Marine (pc)

3rd person pewpew with a lot of orcs and oversized shoulder pads ^^

It’s basically Gears of War without the cover mechanic…and Gears of War is basically Warhammer 40k with Locust instead of Orcs 😐

The control layout is a bit weird and Titus moves like a fridge on wheels but you get used to it, it’s playable. It looks fine for its age and it has some chunky sound, the story is whatever and the Orcs are green…yep πŸ¦†

Oh, there is a lot of melee combat in the game and it feels pretty satisfying tearing through a group of Orcs. It’s probably a 50/50 split between kills with guns vs melee so, yeah, lot’s of flailing around with battle axes and stuff.

The game is ok, nothing special and nothing I’ll play again…but good enough that I’m interested in playing Space Marine 2 when it’s out. It does make you feel kind of badass being an Ultra Marine so they got that right πŸ‘

6/10 Overcompensating shoulder pads 🦏

Only one week left until my vacation and I really need it, I am so tired of all the things…I’ll waddle to the store and stock up on nommables and plant myself in the couch for a month of videogames πŸ¦† …and fixing the car…and doing some gardening…and painting some stuff on the house…and cleaning out my garage…and recording music…and finding time to have a BBQ or two with friends…this does not sound like a vacation πŸ˜‘