#29: DOOM 2: Hell On Earth (pc)

I have started playing too many games! I can’t focus on anything right now and that equates to me playing Subnautica (27hours), Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (7hours), Ori and the Blind Forrest (1hour) and then I started DOOM 2…

I thought that DOOM 2 would be a short break in my Subnautica adventures but it actually took a bit over 6 hours. Has this game aged well? Yes and no. I love the fast paced action, the health pickups and the ability to carry every weapon in the game. I do not like the more cryptic and maze-like maps, the graphics are not easy on the eyes and the music is…I don’t even remember it. I have seen that there is a hi-res version out there so that would have been nice to have ^^

Not much to say about DOOM, you run and shoot, pic up keys and skulls to open doors and that is about it. The last boss took me a couple of tries untill I found the right timing to hit the hole.

Hot tip: Save a lot.


5/10 Double barreled shotguns


Oh, I just remembered I am at the Wily stages in Mega Man 9! I got to the second stage, shut the game of and went to bed…it does not save the Wily stages so I am back at the first stage again -_-


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