#54: Warhammer 40K: Space Marine (pc)

3rd person pewpew with a lot of orcs and oversized shoulder pads ^^

It’s basically Gears of War without the cover mechanic…and Gears of War is basically Warhammer 40k with Locust instead of Orcs 😐

The control layout is a bit weird and Titus moves like a fridge on wheels but you get used to it, it’s playable. It looks fine for its age and it has some chunky sound, the story is whatever and the Orcs are green…yep πŸ¦†

Oh, there is a lot of melee combat in the game and it feels pretty satisfying tearing through a group of Orcs. It’s probably a 50/50 split between kills with guns vs melee so, yeah, lot’s of flailing around with battle axes and stuff.

The game is ok, nothing special and nothing I’ll play again…but good enough that I’m interested in playing Space Marine 2 when it’s out. It does make you feel kind of badass being an Ultra Marine so they got that right πŸ‘

6/10 Overcompensating shoulder pads 🦏

Only one week left until my vacation and I really need it, I am so tired of all the things…I’ll waddle to the store and stock up on nommables and plant myself in the couch for a month of videogames πŸ¦† …and fixing the car…and doing some gardening…and painting some stuff on the house…and cleaning out my garage…and recording music…and finding time to have a BBQ or two with friends…this does not sound like a vacation πŸ˜‘


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