#56: Cuphead (pc)

My brother came down for some bbq, drinks and gaming ^^ “Let’s play cuphead” he said…what a great choice 😑

Interesting design choice and some pretty cool looking bosses…and fuck everything else ^^

I saw a comment on a speedrun that told someone to “stick with it, you’ll love it” and to that I’ll just say; I wish we would have just quit and started played Legend of Man or Turtles: Shredders Revenge or ANYTHING else instead.

We could NOT get the controls to play nice with us and the dodge/dash, parry and jumping simply would not work a lot of the time, the timing on things were really weird. Maybe it was the steam link causing some small delay? I don’t know. We did not have fun.

I’ll say that both of us are used to harder games so it’s not like we suck at gaming in general! My Brother loves a good Souls game and he has a bunch of hard NES titles under his belt. I used to speedrun Contra and Ninja Gaiden and I have also beaten Dark Souls (PS3) and Bloodborne. This was the hardest game we have played and for all the wrong reasons. I’m sorry, I do not see what others see in this.

Bad ending? We. Do. Not. Care. Credits and we are out 🦅

Oh and I know I said “all games are more fun in co-op”…that might not be true because we managed to confuse our characters a bunch of times and we messed each other up by throwing special moves without warning first. Oh and when you manage to hit the “start over” square in the casino you do feel like a complete idiot for wasting the other players time ^^

3/10 Run ‘n Guns (fuck those stages, not even fun)

This year is the year of Anger and bullshit ^^ I have been sick with a high fever 3 times, my shoulder got messed up (still hurts 5 months later), I had a massive ear infection that lasted for 5 weeks and the first week of my vacation I had a gum infection that hurt like a son of a bitch (I still feel it). Is that enough bullshit? For the love of Sonic, please tell me the bullshit is over and the rest of the year is smooth sailing 😐

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