#66: Biota (pc) #67: Blazing Chrome (pc)

Right, updating…I beat this last weekend x)

Got it from a friend who thought it was pretty awesome…and it is pretty awesome, yes 🦆

Retro-style, Metroid-like, bite-sized and pretty fun. You have a handful of characters you can change between but I found the shotgun guy and I never looked back ^^ Kill enemies, collect powerups and key cards to progress.

The controls are a bit slippery at times and jumping and shooting is weird but all in all it’s fine, a bit short, recommended for Metroid fans 👍

7/10 Sweet elevator rides ^^

#67: Blazing Chrome (pc)

Played it before but this time I played it in co-op…I actually think it’s harder in co-op x) Still a good game. Could have been called Contra 5 and I would have been like; “yep, that checks out” 🦆

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