#53: The Quarry

Another game like Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures series and, in my opinion, the best so far.

I only found one character that I actively did not like ^^ It’s basically a slasher flick where you make choices for the cast in hope of getting everyone out alive…or to make them all very dead 🦆 As I said before; I only had one person I actively tried to kill! Everyone else I found pretty likable 👍 The characters are good, the setting is classic horror/slasher, the creatures are cool and the baby boar is cute, yes 👌 The game looks and sounds great and while the controls for waddling around is a bit clunky it’s really not a big deal since all the important stuff is quick time events (press the right button to not die).

I’ll come back to this game, for sure, and maybe try and kill as many people as I can ^^ It’s good stuff and I recommend it to any horror fan 🦆

9/10 Lance Henriksens

#51 and #52: Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros (snes)

Trying to claw my way back to 10 games a month! 8 more games in 5 days does seem kind of stupid though 🦆

I need to play more games like Super Mario World, games that take an hour or two to beat x) I want to be able to play something longer this fall without falling behind too much…I have my eyes on some RPGs.

Again, I have beaten both Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros so I won’t talk much about them. World is one of the greatest platforming games of all time and it still holds up well today. Super Mario Bros is…slippery and acceleration of the little plumber is a bit weird 🐊

Yeah I’ll probably be 7 games short this month ^^ Will be playing The Quarry later today and I think that will probably be it for July 😐

My left ear is still pretty much deaf and it’s starting to annoy me 😑

#50: Mega Man 4 (nes)

Glurgh…words and things 🦆

My cold evolved into one of them ear infections, everything sounds weird and it hurts 😐

Anyway, I played some Mega Man 4! In my opinion the best of the NES Mega Man games. You have the slide and the charge buster and, if my memory serves me right, it does not have as many places with slowdowns as Mega Man 5 and 6 ^^

It’s Mega Man and I have beaten it here before so there is not much to say. Kill evil robots and absorb their powers then go give Dr. Wily the smackdown. Simple 👍

The only real annoying part is the second Wily boss because it is really hard hitting the weak spot, you have to fire right at the apex of your jump and even then it feels like a crap-shoot 😐 I Found that a charged up lemon works the best…I have no idea how people manage to hit it with the drillbombthing.

I do find it harder to play with the earache, it gets pretty sloppy at times and I get easily annoyed so I’ll se how much I’ll play while this shit heals 😑

#49: Batman (nes) and Sweden Rock Festival.

Yeah I “ran through” Batman…it’s still hard and the hoppy guys in the sewers are ass but it’s a good game.

In other news I was at Sweden Rock Festival and let me tell you; I am not 20 anymore, me and tents don’t mix 🐊 So yeah, I got sick for the THIRD TIME THIS YEAR! I mean, that’s a record for me 😐 I also bought a bunch of vinyl records because after so many listens on Spotify I feel like I should own a physical copy 🦆 Cannibal Corpse – Kill (repress), Black Dahlia Murder – Nocturnal (picturedisc), Nightrage – Abyss Rising, Lamb of God – Lamb of God (deluxe set) and Lamb of God – Sacrament (expensive 😅).

So yeah, my record collection has been growing a fair bit this past week…I ordered some more after I got home…because I have problems 👍 Well, hopefully they’ll hold or even go up in value.

Now I just need to beat 11 games in 13 days and I’ll be back on track 👌 Will continue with Mega Man 4 after I’m back from the store. Early shopping to avoid people in case I have the roona again 🦆

#45-#48: 8-bit weekend!

I just replayed some old classics to pad the numbers because I am going to Sweden Rock Festival this week 🦆

#45: Chip N Dale (nes). Chipmunks throw boxes while hunting a fat cat. It’s pretty good stuff. Easy.

#46: Probotector 2 (PAL Super C, nes). Not as easy as I was hoping it would be but I got it done. Robots-shoot-pewpew-explosions.

#47: Kabuki Quantum Fighter (nes). Pretty good platformer for the old Nintendo with some bullshit ice physics being the only thing that pissed me off ^^ 8-bit, 2D, headbanging simulator.

#48: Sonic Chaos (sms). What’s a Master System game doing here!? I was gonna play it last weekend, I had it beside the console, but I…I don’t know 🦆 Hog of the Hedge hunting round mustache guy.

So now I’m only 2 games of schedule …well, I’m one weekend into June and I’ll probably not beat any game next weekend so…yeah 😐 Maybe I’ll play some Super Mario or something later ,after the gym.

#44: House of Ashes (pc)

Part of The Dark Pictures Anthology series and more of the same. Quick-time events to save (or kill) the characters and make choices to alter the characters relationships. It’s pretty fun and sometimes the choices don’t really get the effect you thought it would…I was hoping cutting the rope would kill that character but nooOOOOooo 🦆 In the end 3 people made it out alive and 3 out of 5 is pretty ok, yes 🤔

It’s basically an interactive movie but it’s a pretty fun movie and probably the best game in the series…not better than Until Dawn though!

8/10 Deadly QTEs 😐

I was going to play NES games today but a friend had to put his dog down so I picked him up and we ate dinner and talked about stuff all night so, no gaming. RIP to Stitch the french bulldog 😦

I did run through Probotector (pal contra) just to see if I could still put down a somewhat respectable time…yeah, nah…kinda 😐 19:38 without powerups (Low%) after 4 resets (all of them on the first level boss). I really need to get a hold of some kind of NTSC NES console to get a legit time

Well, time for bed and then do a long NES session later today. Maybe some Super C, Chip ‘n Dale, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Mega Man 4 and whatever else seems reasonable to beat 🦆

#40, 41, 42 and 43…Master System Weekend.

#40: Aladdin (snes)

This was before last weekend…I think…I forget 😐 So now I’ve played Aladdin on 3 systems and they are all different! Megadrive/Genesis and Snes are pretty close but you have no sword in the SNES version, only apples for attacking. The game is fine, capcom and disney had some good stuff during the late 80s early 90s. Worth playing if you like platformers 👍

#41: Submarine Attack.

Good game if you want to get into shoot em ups ^^ Pretty easy and looks nice for 8-bit. Collect powerups and shoot the enemies. Simple stuff 🦆

#42: Sonic

Completely different from the Megadrive/Genesis game but a pretty good platformer for the old 8-bit Sega. I only found one chaos emerald…

#43: Sonic 2

This felt smoother than the first one 🤔 It’s the same cart I got way back in the day after a dentist visit xD I actually got the Sonic 1 box + manual and the Sonic 2 cart…dude in the toy store was not paying attention to the letters and numbers 😐 Hedgehog goes fast, kinda 🦔

Yeah I’m a fair bit behind right now…I should play through Sonic Chaos and see what Sonic game I like the most on the Master System.

Long weekend this week, no work Thursday and Friday, but I’m invited to a bbq on friday and Saturday we have some kind of company party so who know when I’ll play games…now, maybe? Gym in 2 hours…I can beat another Sonic game in that time 🦔

Still streaming everything on Twitch/reless but I’ll keep my mic muted unless someone wants to talk to me 👍

#38: Portal 2 (pc) 39: Hitman 2 (pc)

I’m falling behind so I played through Portal 2 with a friend. It’s good stuff and I already have a post on this game from back in 2015 so check that if you feel like it.

So, Hitman 2…the new one 😒So it’s supposed to be a hitman simulator but I find that more of a serial killer simulator, at least when I play it 😐 You get your targets and have to sneak around, figuring out their routines, disabling security cameras and waiting for a chance to strike. It’s fun stuff but I always just end up killing a bunch of guards that get in the way…and civilians…it escalates quickly…and then I get the bloodlust and half the people in the level “disappears” 😑

If you play the game as intended a level can take over an hour but if you are quick and sneaky with the killing of all the npcs that get in your way you can probably get through this pretty quick…the last levels became quite the bloodbath because I lost my patience 🦆

Oh and there is a story too but I guess I should have played Hitman because I think they are connected…me smart 👍

7/10 Dead witnesses 🦆

It’s spring/summer and the garden suddenly came alive with stuff that grows so this weekend has been completely dead as far as gaming goes…and that means I am falling even further behind 👌 I am starting to think that this challenge might be a bit hard.

#37: Castlevania Aria of Sorrow (GBA)

This is good stuff ^^ The Gameboy Advance Castlevania games play just like Symphony of the Night so you know what to expect here. As someone who loves SotN I feel right at home with all the leveling up, weapon swapping, monster-killing and…soul collecting? Aria of Sorrows -thing- is that the enemies can drop their souls, giving you the specific enemies abilities, and it gives you a lot of different attack choices.

If I am to find something bad about the game it’s probably the bosses are pretty forgettable, the story is meh and since it’s a GBA game the resolution is a bit low 😐

Still, this is a must for your GBA collection and if you like Symphony of the Night you will have a good time here.

7/10 Soul collections 🦆

I am currently playing Hitman 2! I think it’s supposed to be some kind of Assassin simulator but it always turn into more of a serial killer simulator for some reason 😐

#36: Donkey Kong Country (snes)

Yep, the ape is still one slippery bastard and the bosses are still pretty boring 👍 Luckily the music is still good though!

I got sick again and even though I’ve been home from work I have not had much energy to play video games until today 😒 I started playing Castlevania Aria of Sorrow this morning but then I got tired and tried sleeping but I keep coughing and so here I am…rock you like a hurricane…wah waaaAAAaaaah 🦆 I’m losing my mind 👌