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#66: Biota (pc) #67: Blazing Chrome (pc)

Right, updating…I beat this last weekend x)

Got it from a friend who thought it was pretty awesome…and it is pretty awesome, yes 🦆

Retro-style, Metroid-like, bite-sized and pretty fun. You have a handful of characters you can change between but I found the shotgun guy and I never looked back ^^ Kill enemies, collect powerups and key cards to progress.

The controls are a bit slippery at times and jumping and shooting is weird but all in all it’s fine, a bit short, recommended for Metroid fans 👍

7/10 Sweet elevator rides ^^

#67: Blazing Chrome (pc)

Played it before but this time I played it in co-op…I actually think it’s harder in co-op x) Still a good game. Could have been called Contra 5 and I would have been like; “yep, that checks out” 🦆

And so it begins! #1: Blazing Chrome (PC)

Yes, i am still alive and I still intend to beat at least 106 games this year since my record is 105 games in 2018.

So, Blazing Chrome ^^

It’s a love letter to the Contra series and it does it really well! I did it on normal and while it was a bit challenging I think Contra 3 is way harder. It also felt a bit short (2,5 hours according to steam), I’d have no problem with it being another hour longer. I guess that’s why I unlocked two new characters when I beat the last boss, replay value and such ^^

I did have some annoying things happen. I died at the same time as the first boss and so it kept exploding and spawning the two flying bombs so I had to kill myself. Then where you ride the hover-thing it felt like it missed jump inputs so I died a bunch, could just be my ps4 controller lagging? The game also crashed once but it saved on the last stage so it was no big deal.

All in all I’d say the good outweighs the bad and I recommend it to anyone who likes Contra ^^

Blazing Chrome.jpg

7/10 Probotectors