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#68: A Story About My Uncle (pc) and #69: Bust-A-Move 4 (ps1)

Never played A Story About My Uncle before but I had heard that it was pretty fun and pretty short…and I’ve had it on the Epic Launcher for a while so it was time.

It’s a cool first person platformer with lots of grappling beam swinging and rocket boot flying. The gameplay is real nice, the voiceover is…there, the story is fine and the game looks pleasant. It WAS short and took only 2 hours to beat.

5/10 trips to the abyss

Bust-A-Move 4 (PS1)

The first game I did not stream on twitch! “I’ll just see if it works on emulator…yep, seems to be working…cute dinosaur, yes 🦆” and then 4 hours had passed and the game was beaten sooo…yes 😐 I took a picture of the ending screen so at least I got that.

It’s the classic Bubble Bobble spin off where you shoot bubbles of different colors with the goal to stack three or more to clear them out. Simple but addicting ^^

6/10 Tarot cards :s

I have four more games that I have beaten THIS weekend but they’ll get a separate post 🦆

#114: Bust-A-Move (snes)

My sleep schedule got a bit messed up over Christmas so I could not sleep tonight, I tried but eventually I started playing this. It’s like the other Bust-A-Move games I’ve played; You shoot colored bubbles at other colored bubbles to make them disappear. Simple and addictive, yes 🦆

This game had 100 levels so it did take some time and level 99 can go die in a swamp. It went pretty well up until that level and then I got my first game over ^^ You do get a password when you game over so you can just enter that to get back to where you failed.

The boss was pretty cool, I wish there were more bosses 😦

Oh I hate end screens like this. Makes me feel like a n00b 🦆

7/10 Classic puzzle games

God nightmorning, it’s sleep hours now…I think 😑

#66: Bust-a-Move 3 DX (ps1)

I forgot to update when I beat this 😮

I liked the second one enough to play this one ^^ More of the same! I guess the story mode don’t have many changes.

I know i’m missing stuff in games when I just play the story/campaign mode but in most cases that’s the meat of the game ^^ In Bubble-a-Move this probably is not the case…still; fun game is fun ^^

I checked the internet for endings and there are apparently several 😮 I have no clue how to get them all but this is the one I got for waddling through the story mode ^^


7/10 Amazing backgrounds x)

I don’t play many puzzle games so any tips are welcome ^^ I know about Tetris…that’s a good one too 😐

#58: Bust-A-Move 2 (ps1)

Also known as Puzzle Bobble ^^

I am currently playing Valfaris and the last boss is kicking my ass something fierce so I needed a break.

So, Bust A Move, you shoot colorful bubbles at colorful bubbles and when you get 3 or more bubbles of the same color in a group they pop…I probably don’t need to explain this, it’s a classic.

I did get a game over on my first try and I got that game over on the last stages 😀 So I had to play through it again but this time I only lost 2 continues so things went pretty well ^^

Bust a Move 2

8/10 Cute dinosaurs

I should play more of these ^^ But first I’ll have to beat Valfaris…