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#66: Biota (pc) #67: Blazing Chrome (pc)

Right, updating…I beat this last weekend x)

Got it from a friend who thought it was pretty awesome…and it is pretty awesome, yes πŸ¦†

Retro-style, Metroid-like, bite-sized and pretty fun. You have a handful of characters you can change between but I found the shotgun guy and I never looked back ^^ Kill enemies, collect powerups and key cards to progress.

The controls are a bit slippery at times and jumping and shooting is weird but all in all it’s fine, a bit short, recommended for Metroid fans πŸ‘

7/10 Sweet elevator rides ^^

#67: Blazing Chrome (pc)

Played it before but this time I played it in co-op…I actually think it’s harder in co-op x) Still a good game. Could have been called Contra 5 and I would have been like; “yep, that checks out” πŸ¦†

#55: Fury Unleashed

I am still playing games! So much stuff has happened and the gaming had to wait.

I did play Fury Unleashed with a friend last week though and it was a pretty fun run ‘n gun game. It is rouge-lite so you’ll play “the same” world a couple of times until you are upgraded/good enough to beat the bosses and unlock the next world! There are only 4 worlds but it still took us over 10 hours! Lots of fun weapons and bosses to use them on ^^

The only problem I found with this game would be the online co-op being a bit…weird. It’s not really synced and it looked like my friend just tanked all the damage and not dying and it was the same the other way around. It also bugged out and lost connection once 😐 Couch co-op would probably be better.

Other than that the game is fine, gets a bit grindy but not too bad, and I do not regret playing it so…πŸ¦† Everything is better in co-op ^^

5/10 Bad-ass co-op teams Unleashed

#7: Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (pc)

I started playing this with a friend back in January but it’s hard finding time when people have something called…a life 🀨

In case you don’t know Trine it’s a puzzle platformer where you play 3 characters with different abilities! A wizard that can conjure boxes, balls and “planks” to help getting through the levels, a rogue that can shoot elemental infused arrows as well as a rope arrow and lastly a warrior that can put out shields and…eh, butt-slam? It’s good stuff πŸ¦†

I have to say that the presentation of this game is amazing, It looks like a very colorful childrens book, a very feelgood game, yes πŸ¦†

Since this is a very physics based game I feel like we did cheese some of the puzzles with the wizards boxes and the rogues rope arrow ^^ I think stuff like that makes the game even more fun though so I’m cool with it.

I’m not sure if there’s any real replay value here unless you want to go back and try and find all the collectibles that are hidden throughout the game. The bosses are kind of meh. The last boss only had two phases and once I remembered I could blink with the Wizard things got pretty easy, still pretty fun fight.

7/10 Sweet Dreams

In other news: Things are shit ^^

I am currently waiting on fiber installation so that I can stream again. My back died 2 weeks back and I am still a bit waddly when I walk, oh, and just before that I got laid off so I’ll be unemployed 1st of June. Things are looking great 😐 Selling some old computer stuff and some games so that I can get through summer.

#49: Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (nes)

A friend wanted some co-op…and he got wooden crates to the head ^^

This game is pretty hard in co-op because you can throw stuff at each other and you constantly nudge your friend off ledges or into spikes/enemies. It gets frustrating :p

It’s a short game tho so your friendship should make it through intact.

A true classic from the 8-bit days and fun little game even if it is a bit too easy and the co-op drives you insane.


6/10 Unhealthy cats

I had another friend over yesterday and we gave Double Dragon on Master System a real good try but that game is a bit ass towards the end. The stone walls that poke you is not even a little bit funny and you only get ONE continue even if you are two players…so the one who dies first gets to use the continue O_o We will have our revenge another day. Same goes for Alien Storm on Megadrive that I played with another friend earlier this week.

I think this is enough co-op for a bit. I need some alone time and some comfort games or maybe even one of them oldschool RPGs ^^

However, I did get Sniper Elite 4 from a friend so I’ll have to dive into that soon too! So Many Games o_O

#42: World War Z (PC)

Played in Co-op with 3 friends! It’s free on Epic right now so when I got asked to join I had no reason to say no ^^

It’s like Left 4 Dead but…newer o_O I don’t remember L4D having exp and weapon upgrades so I guess that’s new. You run from point A to point B and mow down as many zombies as you can in between. Simple stuff. You get to points where you have to defend for a set time and here you can put up barbwire, electric fences, mortars and machine guns.

The campaign is split into 4 episodes with 3 to 4 levels each so it’s not a lot, but it was free so I can’t really complain ^^

Apart from the campaign there is also Horde mode where you defend for as many waves of zombies as you can and this is where you rack up all the exp and…whatever the currency is called ^^ I’m not sure if there is only one map for Horde though…I only ever played the airport and could not find any way to change it :/

All in all it was a simple, fun (at least with friends) and braindead experience, and sometimes that is all you need.


7/10 Perforated zombie heads

#87: Rayman Origins (ps3)

A friend wanted to play a fun co-op game so I picked Rayman Origins!

Amazing graphics in this one, the levels look really neat and the characters are fun, the sound is also top-notch ^^

When playing this game in co-op and you die you become a bubble that the other player can hit to get you back so that is sweet…on the other hand you can hit each other and that did lead to some really stupid deaths. Not that it’s a huge inconvenience since there are checkpoints every time you walk through a door.

All in all I’d say this is great, maybe even a modern classic, and I wish more people checked it out ^^


8/10 Glutes! (Globox’s species) ^^

#72: Quake (pc)

Ugh, it’s been too hot to game here plus I have been working extra (I am still not done with the extra work, one week left) but now it’s a bit cooler and a friend wanted to play Quake 1 co-op!

The thing with co-op is…well, you get grenaded around a lot ^^ It was still fun and it was, how do I say this, it was my first time beating Quake. The shame.

I do think that the game felt a bit like a tech demo, like they wanted to show us 3D, it was also pretty short. Co-op is what saved this, for me at least.

I have already started playing Quake 2!


4/10 Lovecrafts?

I knew I’d play less these two months so I made sure to have beaten a bunch of games. I am not worried yet ^^

#52: Warhammer 40K: Kill Team (X360)

I asked one of my friends if he had any good co-op games ^^ I had never heard of this and apparently this is a prequel to Warhammer 40k: Space Marine but this is a top down twin stick shooter. It felt pretty short, it only had a handful of missions, and it did bug out a couple of times :/ There are better co-op games out there and unless you are a diehard 40K fan you can just skip this.


3/10 WAAAGH!

I also painted a metroid…




#48: Aliens: Colonial Marines (X360)


I think people give this game too much shit because it’s not that bad, it just could not live up to the hype. As with most FPS games it would probably be way better on PC, control wise, but I own it for the X360 so that’s the way we played it.

I do wish more games would actually make the second player a real character, there are a bunch of marines in this game that player 2 could have controlled.

Anyway, if you like Aliens you should give this a go. The voice acting is really good at times and the sounds feel right. The graphics are pretty good for X360 but the outside environments does not look as good as the space stations/space ships. It may be a bit short but maybe that’s not a bad thing…I hate when monotonous games go on for too long.

Alien Colonial Marines

6/10 Slimey alien eggs

Too much shit has been raining down on me this last month and I just feel like doing nothing at all so I am falling behind a bit with the gaming.

#47: Gears of War: Judgement (X360)

Yeeesh it’s late…

I played through Judgement and Aftermath with a friend (Aftermath is unlocked when you beat the main game).

It’s Gears of War and that means lots of chest high walls, burrowing bad guys, guns and massive muscles. It was a long time since I played a Gears of War game but it plays just like I remember them, it plays well.

The Judgement part of the game has you play flashbacks as you tell your story in front of a judge. The game is split up between the four main characters as they tell the judge what went down and each characters story is played in short sections, perfect for people who can’t sit down and play for hours straight ^^ The Aftermath part ties together with Gears of War 3.

We started at around 9 at night and finished around 5 in the morning so it was not that long and without the Aftermath part i think you can probably knock an hour off.


(I missed taking a photo of the main game ending cinematic and I am tooΒ tired to replay the last boss just to take a photo!)

7/10 Space Mar…uh, COGs?

Gluh, I need sleep, what am I even /drool