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#77-79: Shredders Revenge and more.

Waking up on Friday after work I felt like I had sandpaper stuck in my throat, great start ^^ With energy levels real low I started out by beating Ufouria (#77) early Saturday morning. It’s a good game and kind of a hidden gem for the NES. It plays a bit like metroid and the different characters you play as are fun. I got stuck once because of a glitch but I saved a bunch of passwords so it was fine. I just saw that I played this before, in 2015, and I have to agree with my past self…only having 10hp after dying is a bit ass. Lots of farming for life. Still a good game though 🦆

After some sleep it’s Saturday night and I feel even worse ^^ A friend comes over and we play through Turtles: Shredders Revenge (#78)with me constantly yawning …yeah, energy levels are below low at this point 😑 At least the game was good! Probably the best Turtles game ever and one of the best new-retro games I’ve played 🐢 It would be cool to get some people together and actually play 7 player co-op ^^

Wanting to pad the numbers a bit I ran through Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (#79) for the OG Gameboy. I died on the second to last boss so it actually took 45 minutes! Yeah, I feel kind of cheap playing games like this 😏

Now I need to get some sleep and hope that this cold fucks off. This year keeps being shit…at least I’m not having a fever AGAIN…knock on wood 😐

#78: Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (gb)

I thought “yes, Turtles 4 and Hyperstone Heist were great so I’ll try this gameboy game I have :D”…spoilers: It’s not as good.

You choose a turtle and walk to the right while flailing wildly at anything that comes at you and at the end of the stage you fight a boss. You have 4 tries (turtles) to beat the game and you can eat pizza to regain some life. That’s all, really.

It feels a bit choppy and slow but it’s playable. It’s a short one and I think it took me ~20 minutes or so to beat it :s At least the music and sound is good. I do like the gameboy sound chip 😁

It does have a level select but I don’t know why…did they think it was too hard so they put it in so that people could experience all the levels? It’s not like the game is hard :s Plus you miss out on some sweet cut-scenes if you skip to the last level 🙄

Oh and if you don’t play all levels in one go you won’t get the “good” ending, if you can call it that. After I took the picture and put down the phone Krang smiled and a question marked popped up after “the end”. Bullshit 🦆

Fall of the foot clan.jpg

4/10 Captured Turtles

Oh and I remembered to set my tv to 4:3 to get rid of that widescreen stretch x)

I have also played some Skater XL since it went 1.0 yesterday. I did all the challenges in an hour or two and after that it kind of ran out of content :s I know it’s a skateboard simulator and you are supposed to just skate around but some more content would be fun. It seems like the community is modding and adding new levels so I guess I’ll have to start modding if I want more stuff to do. Anyway, I don’t really know if I should count it as beaten since it just feels like a tech demo 😐 Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay is good and it feels nice when you finally land a treflip-overcrook-shove to fakie :p