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#55: Fury Unleashed

I am still playing games! So much stuff has happened and the gaming had to wait.

I did play Fury Unleashed with a friend last week though and it was a pretty fun run ‘n gun game. It is rouge-lite so you’ll play “the same” world a couple of times until you are upgraded/good enough to beat the bosses and unlock the next world! There are only 4 worlds but it still took us over 10 hours! Lots of fun weapons and bosses to use them on ^^

The only problem I found with this game would be the online co-op being a bit…weird. It’s not really synced and it looked like my friend just tanked all the damage and not dying and it was the same the other way around. It also bugged out and lost connection once 😐 Couch co-op would probably be better.

Other than that the game is fine, gets a bit grindy but not too bad, and I do not regret playing it so…🦆 Everything is better in co-op ^^

5/10 Bad-ass co-op teams Unleashed