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#57: Necromunda: Hired Gun (pc)

So they saw DooM Eternal and thought “We can do that”…and it’s close but yeahnah. The story is meh, the gameplay is DooM Eternal but with lack of polish and a fair amount of bugs. NPC animations are…not great and sometimes you just die in a couple of seconds…because, I guess aimbot kicked in 😐

A couple of times I got stuck in the ground and most of the time I could just hookshot myself free but one time I got stuck in one of the floating skull-screen-drone-things (you can teleport out of the mission with them or buy stim packs) while a boss and his goons blasted me…the fight ended when I, in my panic, managed to click the damned thing while mashing space…level restarted 😑

Speaking of the bosses! They are just bullet sponges and there is nothing special about them. At least give them a life bar so that I know how much longer I need to dodge around.

At least the environments look nice and the music and sound is great so…that’s something positive 🦆 I guess it’s fun to upgrade your characters bionics too but…meh, I barely used the active upgrades 🤔

The game has one thing that DooM Eternal does not…a dog! At least it started out as a dog but then I found that I could upgrade the poor thing and it turned into some meat/metal abomination! He was still a good boi though and helped me out when I needed him 🐾

I short: They should have worked on it for a bit longer, fixing some bugs and shining it up a bit. It crashed on me twice in the 10 hours it took for me to beat it, I’ve played worse games. Maybe if you like 40K but I’d say play DooM Eternal instead.

4/10 “Dogs”

Yeah this was pretty boring. What next? A friend told me to try Bit Dungeon…it’s short and it looks like it could be fun 🤔

Started jogging again. 5.6km in 33 minutes, not bad for a fat nerd 🦛