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#74: 80’s Overdrive + #75 and #76

#74: 80’s Overdrive (PC)

It’s a racing game in the style of the oldschool, outrun, looking games ^^ Win races, earn money and upgrade your car, simple stuff, really easy…until you get to the final race! A one on one against a car that is faster than your car so you can’t just drive clean and win…you have to boost past and block the cheater from passing you ^^ Oh and you only have 2 boosts so you use one to pass him and then you have one left in case you fuck up and let him overtake. The game got a real boost in difficulty right at the end 🐊

5/10 Angry cops

#75: Wonderboy: Dragon’s Trap (PC)

This is nostalgic for me me and my brother had this for the Master System back in the day ^^

Here we have a remake with real nice artwork that stays faithful to the original sprites and music that, while beautiful, can get a bit too…much. I just like the simplicity of the old music ^^

The great thing is that you can, with the press of a button, change between original sprites and the new, hand painted sweetness AND the same goes for the music so you can have the new art with the old soundtrack or vice versa 👍

If I remember correctly the gameplay is the same as the original, with the added challenge of the area called “The unknown”. I have not played through that stuff but it feels like a challenge-thingie and I don’t have time for that, I need to play more games 🦆


#76: Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)

I’ve played this before (duh) and it’s one of the best games for the GBA and one of the best remakes of all time! The only part I do not like is the mother brain fight. You feel like a pinball getting pushed around by small canons, doughnut canons and mother brains hadouken…oh and the floor is lava…and I was swimming in it for most of the fight 🐟 Still a great game 👌


Now I need to figure out what to play this weekend…Ufouria for the NES? Metroid Fusion? Sonic 3? Do I play it safe and run through Turtles fall of the foot clan for Gameboy and maybe Bust-a-move 2? I know I’ll lose a weekend to Halloween because I’ll probably drink a couple of stiff drinks with people from work so I’ll probably have to play this safe for a bit…

#22: Metroid Dread (Switch)

Aha! My first ever beaten Nintendo Switch game!

I love the Metroid series! Zero Mission, AM2R, Metroid 3 and Metroid 4 are 👌 I even like Prime 1 and 2 (never played 3 because fuck motion controls).

I was really looking forward to Metroid Dread and now I have beaten it and…meh 😐

1: The EMMI thing is annoying and usually grinded the game to a halt, sitting still as a cloaked morphball is pretty boring.

2: Too many chozo warrior bossfights, they are all pretty much the same, two would have been enough.

3: Only barbarians play 2D platformers with the analog stick! SO MANY TIMES I WENT INTO A BALL WHEN I WANTED TO SLIDE and SO MANY TIMES I NEVER DID THE FLIPPIES AND MISSED MY SPACE JUMP! Much rage 🦆

4: The difficulty spike around the halfway mark is…surprising and massive 😐

At least the game looks…ok? I mean Samus looks like she would be right at home on Gamecube but at least there are some pretty good backgrounds. I think Nintendo has something against making powerful consoles.

The story is fine, I’m ok with it, it continues the mainline story and takes place after Metroid Fusion (Metroid 4)…now that I think of it I don’t recall Metroid Dread having a number anywhere…maybe I missed it.

It might sound like I hate the game but I don’t. There are some good bosses here and I really liked the big guy that was hanging from the ceiling, the undead version of the first boss? I wish the bosses had a life-bar with a name 😐 It’s fine when just exploring the world, many secrets to find!

I should also not play games after work as I am too tired and it only leads to massive gamer-rage 🦆

I give the game 6/10 chozo warriors.

Now excuse me while I jump into something more…flameproof. Bring on the hate ❤

I beat two more games this weekend but having one game per post makes it a bit less cluttered so that’s the way I’ll do it from now on 👍

#110: Super Metroid (snes)

Because sometimes you just need to play one of the best games ever made ^^

Actually I usually play this once every year because it’s so good and it still holds up great to this day! 74% items and 4 hours 34 minutes according to the timer on my last save…I must have missed the final time at the credits o_O I did die two times; One time to Kraid…because I sucked, and one time to Phantoon…because Super Missiles make him angry 🦆

I love this game and I can’t really find anything wrong with it…it’s a bit short, maybe? I would not mind if it was twice as long and had a bunch more bosses but it’s also nice to have a good nice game that you can beat in one sitting ^^ Plus if you want more you can keep looking for powerups and try to get 100% because that will probably add an hour or two to the time ^^

Hmm, is this a 9 or is this the perfect 2D action adventure 🤔 Is there anything bad about it…the graphics look amazing…something annoying, maybe…the music is top tier…the gameplay is great…it did have slowdowns at a couple of places sooo I guess it’s a 9 🦆

9/10 Animals left to die (yeah, I did not save them 😁)

I have never changed the battery on this cart and it still holds my saves 😐

Well, there it is, that’s 110 different games beaten this year ^^ I’m not saying that I am done though! My brother and I will probably beat Secret of Mana 2 next week and I have a friend coming over to play Darksiders Genesis the week after that so I’ll probably get to add at least two more games to the list ^^ I was supposed to play Wulverblade with another friend today but my freezer died so I have been cleaning out that thing instead 😦

And tomorrow I need to help a friend who’s moving, the same friend who’s gonna play Darksiders with me, so I should sleep because it’s really late 🦆

#11: The Messenger (PC)

I feel like a ninja! A very tired ninja. It’s really late-early again 😀

I had this installed and I had tried it out last year for about 3 hours BUT…I started a new game file because otherwise I’d not be able to count it, all of the game has to be played THIS year for me to count it ^^

So, the presentation…FUCK YES THE MUSIC! Amazing stuff ^^ The graphics are great with a bunch of different environments each with distinct color pallets. Switching between “8bit” and “16bit” is also pretty cool ^^ The cut-scenes look a bit weird at times though but that is really all I can complain about in the presentation department.

Then we have the gameplay…and It’s one of the tightest 2D platformers I have ever played. Like I said; I feel like a ninja ;D The cloud jumping skill that lets you to jump in mid air as long as you hit something first, it just feels cool. Then we have the normal throwing stars, wall climbing, running on liquids and slicing enemy projectiles with your sword. Very ninja, yes ^^

The world of the messenger is inhabited by a bunch of fun characters with the best being the shopkeeper who also acts as your guide on your new mission as a messenger! He sells upgrades and hints plus he has some cool stories for you to listen to ^^

I recommend this to anyone who likes Ninja Gaiden, Metroid and tight controls ^^

The Messenger.jpg

9/10 Shopkeepers

#5: Blasphemous (PC)

I found the game to be really easy apart from three bosses. The dude with the angel, The bitch on top of the wall and the last boss…those bosses took WAY too long to beat. Also, what do I do with all my money? The game feels a bit unbalanced to me.

I can see what they were going for but there’s something about the graphics that bug me and I can’t really remember the music. On paper I should like this…but I don’t.

All in all it took just over 12 hours for me to beat and I will not be coming back to pick up what I missed.


6/10 Unworthy Paths

#96: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (pc)

So many things from other games here x) Metroid, Lion King, Pokemon, Zelda and more ^^

Anyway, it’s a Metroid style game with tight controls and lots of fun nods to other games. The story is standard badguy-wants-to-take-over-the-world-and-also-kidnaps-your-girl but sometimes that is all that is needed.

If you like Metroid style games and have ~6 hours to spare you should try this out.


7/10 Pollo powers!

#52: Warhammer 40K: Kill Team (X360)

I asked one of my friends if he had any good co-op games ^^ I had never heard of this and apparently this is a prequel to Warhammer 40k: Space Marine but this is a top down twin stick shooter. It felt pretty short, it only had a handful of missions, and it did bug out a couple of times :/ There are better co-op games out there and unless you are a diehard 40K fan you can just skip this.


3/10 WAAAGH!

I also painted a metroid…




#3: Another Metroid 2 Remake (pc)

Oh my. This was amazing!

Looks like the lost Metroid 2 remake for gba Nintendo never made! If someone gave me this game and told me Nintendo made it I would have believed it..but no, this is a fan-made game! I have not played the official remake of Metroid 2 but I can tell you that this remake looks better. I am truly amazed. Nintendo should pay these guys for the work done and then port it to consoles. I don’t think I have anything bad to say about this…I am stunned.


9/10 Baby Metroids

#101 Metroid Fusion (GBA)


Game #1 this year was a Metroid game and game #101 is a Metroid game, the circle is complete :p

Nintendo, please, make a new 2D adventure with Samus. They are all great games!

8/10 Parasites

Top 3 Metroid games, in my opinion!

#1: Metroid 3

#2: Metroid 4

#3: Metroid Zero Mission

I do not much care for the Prime series, I played the first two and I have tried to play Corruption but I really dislike the Wii controller.


Well, that was that…standby for some lists :p