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#77-79: Shredders Revenge and more.

Waking up on Friday after work I felt like I had sandpaper stuck in my throat, great start ^^ With energy levels real low I started out by beating Ufouria (#77) early Saturday morning. It’s a good game and kind of a hidden gem for the NES. It plays a bit like metroid and the different characters you play as are fun. I got stuck once because of a glitch but I saved a bunch of passwords so it was fine. I just saw that I played this before, in 2015, and I have to agree with my past self…only having 10hp after dying is a bit ass. Lots of farming for life. Still a good game though 🦆

After some sleep it’s Saturday night and I feel even worse ^^ A friend comes over and we play through Turtles: Shredders Revenge (#78)with me constantly yawning …yeah, energy levels are below low at this point 😑 At least the game was good! Probably the best Turtles game ever and one of the best new-retro games I’ve played 🐢 It would be cool to get some people together and actually play 7 player co-op ^^

Wanting to pad the numbers a bit I ran through Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (#79) for the OG Gameboy. I died on the second to last boss so it actually took 45 minutes! Yeah, I feel kind of cheap playing games like this 😏

Now I need to get some sleep and hope that this cold fucks off. This year keeps being shit…at least I’m not having a fever AGAIN…knock on wood 😐

#58-#65: Last week of vacation.

I’ve not really played a lot of games during my vacation and so I fell behind even further. As you see by the title I did plow through a bunch of games this last week.

#58: bit Dungeon (PC)

Never played this one before! It’s like The Binding of Isaac with randomized dungeons, item upgrading and a cute/disgusting style. I played this for 3 hours but that was because I did not know how to stop the game from looping…you need to click the heart in your inventory and that will take you to the final boss. The game was simple and I got bored of it pretty fast…and my clicky-finger got tired. It’s ok, nothing special.

4/10 Bits

#59: Streets of Rage 4 (PC, co-op)

Another new one for me! It’s Streets of Rage and that’s all I have to say about it. It’s a beat em up and beat em ups are always more fun with friends ^^

6/10 Neon signs

#60: Fight ‘n Rage (PC, co-op)

Played it before but it’s actually a fun game so after Streets of Rage me and my friend played through this too ^^ The best thing with this beat em up is that, if you die you can come back as long as your friend can stay alive until your timer counts down! Oh, the pixel graphics are nice and so is the music. It’s good stuff 🦆 Oh and the game has a bunch of different endings and unlockables so if you like the game it has some replay value.

7/10 Doorframe-breaking-bull-mutants 😁

#61: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (SNES)

Hmm, I don’t know about this one…I’ve played it before and really liked it…but now I’m not so sure. There are some cool bosses and the egg throwing is pretty fun but the game feels…depressing? Can’t put my finger on it. The game is a bit slippery and sometimes the flying/floating move didn’t work. Could have been the controller…I killed that controller 😐 Oh and the last boss, as cool as it looks, plays like shit. You think you know when to throw your eggs but no, you don’t! 😑

This one makes me confused…I’m sure I liked the game last time I played it!? RIP Retro-bit controller.

5/10 Cracked Yoshi eggs.

#62: Turtles in Time (SNES, co-op)

A classic that’s a must play title for SNES! Oh and of course it should be played in co-op ^^

8/10 Pizzas (with pineapple…handle it)

#63: Kirby’s Dream Land (GB)

Well this was easy and so cute it hurts. That a small blob could be so expressive on the original Gameboy is pretty amazing. The game is almost too easy but it’s fun and you’ll beat it in around 30 minutes. Good little platformer ^^

6/10 Hungry orbs

#64: Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES)

I played it back in 2015 and nothing has changed, it’s still my favorite DK game on the snes, it’s still a 7/10…the monke is still slippery 🦆

#65: Kirby’s Adventure (NES)

Kirby in color! A step up from the Gameboy game, for sure! Swallow enemies and get their abilities ^^ Favorites include the fire breathing, the sword and the wheel ^^ It’s a step up in difficulty too but it’s still a pretty easy game as far as NES games go. The game looks nice, the music is upbeat and fun, bosses are cool and the only bad thing I can say about it would probably be that it gets a bit boring between bosses.

I still think it’s one of the better games on the console and you should probably try it out if you’ve managed to miss it 🦆

7/10 Devoured enemies

I would love to work my way to 70 beaten games before August ends but we’ll see what happens…115 beaten games seem pretty far away 🤔

#50: Mega Man 4 (nes)

Glurgh…words and things 🦆

My cold evolved into one of them ear infections, everything sounds weird and it hurts 😐

Anyway, I played some Mega Man 4! In my opinion the best of the NES Mega Man games. You have the slide and the charge buster and, if my memory serves me right, it does not have as many places with slowdowns as Mega Man 5 and 6 ^^

It’s Mega Man and I have beaten it here before so there is not much to say. Kill evil robots and absorb their powers then go give Dr. Wily the smackdown. Simple 👍

The only real annoying part is the second Wily boss because it is really hard hitting the weak spot, you have to fire right at the apex of your jump and even then it feels like a crap-shoot 😐 I Found that a charged up lemon works the best…I have no idea how people manage to hit it with the drillbombthing.

I do find it harder to play with the earache, it gets pretty sloppy at times and I get easily annoyed so I’ll se how much I’ll play while this shit heals 😑

#45-#48: 8-bit weekend!

I just replayed some old classics to pad the numbers because I am going to Sweden Rock Festival this week 🦆

#45: Chip N Dale (nes). Chipmunks throw boxes while hunting a fat cat. It’s pretty good stuff. Easy.

#46: Probotector 2 (PAL Super C, nes). Not as easy as I was hoping it would be but I got it done. Robots-shoot-pewpew-explosions.

#47: Kabuki Quantum Fighter (nes). Pretty good platformer for the old Nintendo with some bullshit ice physics being the only thing that pissed me off ^^ 8-bit, 2D, headbanging simulator.

#48: Sonic Chaos (sms). What’s a Master System game doing here!? I was gonna play it last weekend, I had it beside the console, but I…I don’t know 🦆 Hog of the Hedge hunting round mustache guy.

So now I’m only 2 games of schedule …well, I’m one weekend into June and I’ll probably not beat any game next weekend so…yeah 😐 Maybe I’ll play some Super Mario or something later ,after the gym.

#5,6 and 7 (pc, pc, nes) Ninja Madness

Three Ninja Games!

First was Cyber Shadow, a retro-looking game that feels like a mix between Ninja Gaiden and Metroid. It was good but I did curse at the controls at times, it felt a bit unresponsive, but that could my controller, the game or just me doing something wrong…it worked fine most of the time though.

When the motorcycle said “A large battleship is approaching” I chuckled…then he followed up with “Let’s attack aggressively” xD

7/10 Leaky cyborg-ninjas

Next up was Mini Ninjas! We are moving into three dimensions with this cute Ninja Adventure ^^ Slice your way through a bunch of samurai, rescue your ninja friends and quicktime event the bosses. Way easier than Cyber Shadow and a pretty fun game but nothing that special.

6/10 Chibi ninjas

Lastly we have Ninja Gaiden because I wanted to see how long it would take me after not playing it for around two years. It took a little over an hour and the knockback + walls was still the biggest problem.

It’s still a fun game 🦆

I have also bought a bunch of “new” games this month…because my backlog was not big enough 👍

Follow my progress on twitch ^^


Happy new year! #1: Probotector (NES)

Yes! I am back, maybe…it kind of depends how much energy I have left after work. I just streamed Probotector/Contra over at my Twitch page just to get a game in before it turns Jan2 here ^^ My goal is to beat the record I set 2020 so I have to beat at least 115 games this year. I am not sure if it’s possible for me with the job I have now but I’ll give it a go 😐

I’ll be back online later to play some Super Metroid, I just need to fix some stuff and take a walk to fight all the food I have inhaled during the holidays 🦆

Anyways, I’ll probably try and stream after work on the weekdays If I have the energy and of course on the weekends!

I guess my weekday streams will start at around 7 in the morning (GMT+1, Swedentimes). Weekend streams will probably start around midnight, GMT+1.

I guess I should write down the rules for anyone who’s new here!


  • I can only count a game one time during the year so I can’t beat Contra again and count it towards the goal.
  • I play on Normal difficulty.
  • Fighting games needs to be beaten with all characters for it to count, unless it has a story mode. Just beating a fighting game with one character and counting it feels a bit cheap.
  • Cheat codes = No. Glitches = Yes. ( I am debating with myself whether I should be able to use unlockables that I have unlocked before or not)
  • If I play a game on emulator I can only use save states for convenience. Example: Oldschool Mega Man games I can save state were the password would get me. No savestates right before boss rooms and such bullshittery 🦆
  • If I don’t stream the game I will take a picture of the endscreen and post it here. Reasons I won’t stream a game would probably be if I play co-op with a friend and they don’t want to be on stream.

So the next game will be Super Metroid and I’ll start that in an hour or two over at Twitch ^^


#102: Batman (nes)

A classic NES game!

Great gameplay, it looks nice and Sunsoft made it so you know it has amazing music.

There are some wall jumps that are pretty annoying but the only real problem I have with this game is the last boss. He. Is. Hard. Maybe it was because I was real tired last night but I spent ~2 hours running through the last part up to the Joker just to get completely wrecked. I picked it back up today when I woke up and beat the game in 15 minutes. Yes, I left the console on over night just like we used to do back in the day 🦆

It has unlimited continues so there is no excuse, just keep at it and you’ll beat it ^^

8/10 🦇

Time is running out but I am pretty sure I can find the time to beat 8 more games this year ^^

#100: Kabuki Quantum Fighter (nes)

Hahaha, worthy game to hit 100 beaten games with x)

sndb.se (a Swedish Nintendo forum) voted for this to be the “we play -x- together” so I just got home from work and went for it.

It’s a platformer where you attack with your hair…yeah, you headbang your enemies to death. Br00tal 🦆 As far as NES games goes this is pretty easy with the level 4 boss and the last boss being the only ones that gave me any kind of problem.

It controls fine, the backgrounds are pretty cool and the music is…there, yes. The game is ok, nothing special, test it out if you like oldschool platformers ^^

6/10 Murder-hairs

#49: Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (nes)

A friend wanted some co-op…and he got wooden crates to the head ^^

This game is pretty hard in co-op because you can throw stuff at each other and you constantly nudge your friend off ledges or into spikes/enemies. It gets frustrating :p

It’s a short game tho so your friendship should make it through intact.

A true classic from the 8-bit days and fun little game even if it is a bit too easy and the co-op drives you insane.


6/10 Unhealthy cats

I had another friend over yesterday and we gave Double Dragon on Master System a real good try but that game is a bit ass towards the end. The stone walls that poke you is not even a little bit funny and you only get ONE continue even if you are two players…so the one who dies first gets to use the continue O_o We will have our revenge another day. Same goes for Alien Storm on Megadrive that I played with another friend earlier this week.

I think this is enough co-op for a bit. I need some alone time and some comfort games or maybe even one of them oldschool RPGs ^^

However, I did get Sniper Elite 4 from a friend so I’ll have to dive into that soon too! So Many Games o_O

#24: Jurassic Park (NES)

I’ve played this a bunch over the last days…because I needed something good to play while playing Sonic Lost World HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I need some comfort games right now. Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Resident Evil 2 or maybe Super Mario World.

Jurassic Park is not good. The maps are small but you have to backtrack a lot to get key cards, eggs and activate stuff. The worst map has to be the third level where you have to restart the power and you have to visit computers in a specific order. I had to ask the almighty internet for the sequence because I got tired of playing the first two levels over and over ^^ I also checked where to find the key for the last door before the T-Rex fight BECAUSE THEY HID EGGS IN THE BUSHES…no way of seeing them. I have no shame. It’s not like I know anyone in real life that I could ask because no one in their right mind would ever get to that point ^^

Pro tip: Just shoot eggs, it’s faster. Once you played a level enough times you know where the eggs are and can shoot them just off screen to beat the stage faster.

What I do feel some shame about is going on the internet to find a level skip code. I died on the last T-Rex fight and I am NOT playing all that again. The problem is that if you use the code to get to the last fight you will not have any bullets and you have to rely on the low level bullets that you pick up in the fight. The T-Rex do have a pattern that repeats so after I figured that out I beat her with relative ease. Tim and Lex did get eaten a couple of times though…

Jurassic Park.jpg

3/10 Stupid, eaten, AI kids ^^

Enough with the frustrating games, I need something good!