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#58-#65: Last week of vacation.

I’ve not really played a lot of games during my vacation and so I fell behind even further. As you see by the title I did plow through a bunch of games this last week.

#58: bit Dungeon (PC)

Never played this one before! It’s like The Binding of Isaac with randomized dungeons, item upgrading and a cute/disgusting style. I played this for 3 hours but that was because I did not know how to stop the game from looping…you need to click the heart in your inventory and that will take you to the final boss. The game was simple and I got bored of it pretty fast…and my clicky-finger got tired. It’s ok, nothing special.

4/10 Bits

#59: Streets of Rage 4 (PC, co-op)

Another new one for me! It’s Streets of Rage and that’s all I have to say about it. It’s a beat em up and beat em ups are always more fun with friends ^^

6/10 Neon signs

#60: Fight ‘n Rage (PC, co-op)

Played it before but it’s actually a fun game so after Streets of Rage me and my friend played through this too ^^ The best thing with this beat em up is that, if you die you can come back as long as your friend can stay alive until your timer counts down! Oh, the pixel graphics are nice and so is the music. It’s good stuff πŸ¦† Oh and the game has a bunch of different endings and unlockables so if you like the game it has some replay value.

7/10 Doorframe-breaking-bull-mutants 😁

#61: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (SNES)

Hmm, I don’t know about this one…I’ve played it before and really liked it…but now I’m not so sure. There are some cool bosses and the egg throwing is pretty fun but the game feels…depressing? Can’t put my finger on it. The game is a bit slippery and sometimes the flying/floating move didn’t work. Could have been the controller…I killed that controller 😐 Oh and the last boss, as cool as it looks, plays like shit. You think you know when to throw your eggs but no, you don’t! πŸ˜‘

This one makes me confused…I’m sure I liked the game last time I played it!? RIP Retro-bit controller.

5/10 Cracked Yoshi eggs.

#62: Turtles in Time (SNES, co-op)

A classic that’s a must play title for SNES! Oh and of course it should be played in co-op ^^

8/10 Pizzas (with pineapple…handle it)

#63: Kirby’s Dream Land (GB)

Well this was easy and so cute it hurts. That a small blob could be so expressive on the original Gameboy is pretty amazing. The game is almost too easy but it’s fun and you’ll beat it in around 30 minutes. Good little platformer ^^

6/10 Hungry orbs

#64: Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES)

I played it back in 2015 and nothing has changed, it’s still my favorite DK game on the snes, it’s still a 7/10…the monke is still slippery πŸ¦†

#65: Kirby’s Adventure (NES)

Kirby in color! A step up from the Gameboy game, for sure! Swallow enemies and get their abilities ^^ Favorites include the fire breathing, the sword and the wheel ^^ It’s a step up in difficulty too but it’s still a pretty easy game as far as NES games go. The game looks nice, the music is upbeat and fun, bosses are cool and the only bad thing I can say about it would probably be that it gets a bit boring between bosses.

I still think it’s one of the better games on the console and you should probably try it out if you’ve managed to miss it πŸ¦†

7/10 Devoured enemies

I would love to work my way to 70 beaten games before August ends but we’ll see what happens…115 beaten games seem pretty far away πŸ€”

#51 and #52: Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros (snes)

Trying to claw my way back to 10 games a month! 8 more games in 5 days does seem kind of stupid though πŸ¦†

I need to play more games like Super Mario World, games that take an hour or two to beat x) I want to be able to play something longer this fall without falling behind too much…I have my eyes on some RPGs.

Again, I have beaten both Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros so I won’t talk much about them. World is one of the greatest platforming games of all time and it still holds up well today. Super Mario Bros is…slippery and acceleration of the little plumber is a bit weird 🐊

Yeah I’ll probably be 7 games short this month ^^ Will be playing The Quarry later today and I think that will probably be it for July 😐

My left ear is still pretty much deaf and it’s starting to annoy me πŸ˜‘

#40, 41, 42 and 43…Master System Weekend.

#40: Aladdin (snes)

This was before last weekend…I think…I forget 😐 So now I’ve played Aladdin on 3 systems and they are all different! Megadrive/Genesis and Snes are pretty close but you have no sword in the SNES version, only apples for attacking. The game is fine, capcom and disney had some good stuff during the late 80s early 90s. Worth playing if you like platformers πŸ‘

#41: Submarine Attack.

Good game if you want to get into shoot em ups ^^ Pretty easy and looks nice for 8-bit. Collect powerups and shoot the enemies. Simple stuff πŸ¦†

#42: Sonic

Completely different from the Megadrive/Genesis game but a pretty good platformer for the old 8-bit Sega. I only found one chaos emerald…

#43: Sonic 2

This felt smoother than the first one πŸ€” It’s the same cart I got way back in the day after a dentist visit xD I actually got the Sonic 1 box + manual and the Sonic 2 cart…dude in the toy store was not paying attention to the letters and numbers 😐 Hedgehog goes fast, kinda πŸ¦”

Yeah I’m a fair bit behind right now…I should play through Sonic Chaos and see what Sonic game I like the most on the Master System.

Long weekend this week, no work Thursday and Friday, but I’m invited to a bbq on friday and Saturday we have some kind of company party so who know when I’ll play games…now, maybe? Gym in 2 hours…I can beat another Sonic game in that time πŸ¦”

Still streaming everything on Twitch/reless but I’ll keep my mic muted unless someone wants to talk to me πŸ‘

#36: Donkey Kong Country (snes)

Yep, the ape is still one slippery bastard and the bosses are still pretty boring πŸ‘ Luckily the music is still good though!

I got sick again and even though I’ve been home from work I have not had much energy to play video games until today πŸ˜’ I started playing Castlevania Aria of Sorrow this morning but then I got tired and tried sleeping but I keep coughing and so here I am…rock you like a hurricane…wah waaaAAAaaaah πŸ¦† I’m losing my mind πŸ‘Œ

#31: Super Castlevania 4

I had to refresh my memory after beating Bloodlines…I wish didn’t πŸ˜‘

Don’t get me wrong, there are many good things about this game, the graphics look fine, the music is great and most of the time it plays good but there are a couple of things that ruin it for me.

Asshole enemy placement is standard in these games and most of the time you can make it without taking a hit…but first time through you will have some bullshit deaths.

Now, the worst problem in the game; the stairs. Most of the game it’s, ugh, fine πŸ˜’But at the end where you jump onto stairs that start falling away the game can get fucked! I am convinced there is some kind of RNG goblin deciding whether or not you are going to just fall through the damn things and it completely broke me. There where some screams 😐

I had more fun with Castlevania Bloodlines/New Generation. Handle it πŸ¦†

The lack of sleep and being stressed out over life has me kind of on the brink of snapping so videogames might not be the best thing right now. The gamer-rage is real πŸ¦… Maybe I should play something a bit less stressful, something that does not require split second reactions and precise button pressing…a turn-based RPG? Some kind of story-driven game? I am not sure what to play.

I bought Immortals Fenyx Rising because it looked nice but I have not started it yet. I also bought the Legend of Mana Remaster on PS4 but I’ll play that with my brother later this year.

How about that video where I’ll show my collection? Yeah, I have no energy and right now I have to hop in the shower and get ready for work. The weekends are the only free time I have and I need to use that time to play videogames! πŸ¦†

#114: Bust-A-Move (snes)

My sleep schedule got a bit messed up over Christmas so I could not sleep tonight, I tried but eventually I started playing this. It’s like the other Bust-A-Move games I’ve played; You shoot colored bubbles at other colored bubbles to make them disappear. Simple and addictive, yes πŸ¦†

This game had 100 levels so it did take some time and level 99 can go die in a swamp. It went pretty well up until that level and then I got my first game over ^^ You do get a password when you game over so you can just enter that to get back to where you failed.

The boss was pretty cool, I wish there were more bosses 😦

Oh I hate end screens like this. Makes me feel like a n00b πŸ¦†

7/10 Classic puzzle games

God nightmorning, it’s sleep hours now…I think πŸ˜‘

#113: Darius Twin (snes)

Ah, yes, me and my brother also played this fun shmup for the SNES ^^

Yeah we tried for hours the first day and the second day we said “…easy mode?” 😬 It’s pretty hard and the round enemies that shoot big hula hoops always ended up murdering all of our lives 😦 We did manage to get to the last level on Normal though πŸ¦† The bosses are pretty easy and there is almost always a safe way of destroying them. The game looks nice for an early title and the soundtrack is fine. I do wish I had one of those “in case of panic: press to clear screen” buttons but you only have shoot forward and shoot diagonal. Could have been played with a NES controller 😐

I am not good at shoot em ups but I do find them pretty fun, especially in co-op, and I should probably play more of them. Any tips are welcome ^^

6/10 Robot fish

Last night we had two friends over and we playd 7 hours of Overcooked but at World 5 my brother and one of my friends said “yeh nah” and gave up but we carried on until we got to the final boss…and that shit was too hard for us so we gave up. Hopefully it’s easier when you are not exhausted from not sleeping or half drunk πŸ¦†

#112: Secret of Mana 2 (snes)

It only took ~25-26 hours to beat but I started playing it with my brother this past summer. He lives 4 hours away and we don’t really visit each other all that often (I would have visited him earlier but my car is…weird) πŸ¦†

So it’s like Secret of Mana but better! Feels more balanced and polished, looks pretty amazing for a SNES game and the music is great. The bosses in particular are impressive looking, huge sprites and pretty fun to fight plus there are lots of them ^^

The only real negative I can think of would be that there are lots of pausing in combat due to the action-wheel-thing you pull up to choose spells and items. It does give you some time to think about your next step in the harder fights though so It’s not all bad πŸ¦†

Oh and there are different characters you can play as so there are actually real differences if you were to play it again! We played with Duran, Angela and Lise ^^

8/10 God Beasts

Yeah this is top tier SNES and it’s a shame it never got released here back in the day 😦 So I guess I should keep exploring SNES RPGs to see if I can find anything better than this πŸ€” Yeah, yeah I know, Final Fantasy 3/6, I’ll get there…eventually πŸ¦†

#110: Super Metroid (snes)

Because sometimes you just need to play one of the best games ever made ^^

Actually I usually play this once every year because it’s so good and it still holds up great to this day! 74% items and 4 hours 34 minutes according to the timer on my last save…I must have missed the final time at the credits o_O I did die two times; One time to Kraid…because I sucked, and one time to Phantoon…because Super Missiles make him angry πŸ¦†

I love this game and I can’t really find anything wrong with it…it’s a bit short, maybe? I would not mind if it was twice as long and had a bunch more bosses but it’s also nice to have a good nice game that you can beat in one sitting ^^ Plus if you want more you can keep looking for powerups and try to get 100% because that will probably add an hour or two to the time ^^

Hmm, is this a 9 or is this the perfect 2D action adventure πŸ€” Is there anything bad about it…the graphics look amazing…something annoying, maybe…the music is top tier…the gameplay is great…it did have slowdowns at a couple of places sooo I guess it’s a 9 πŸ¦†

9/10 Animals left to die (yeah, I did not save them 😁)

I have never changed the battery on this cart and it still holds my saves 😐

Well, there it is, that’s 110 different games beaten this year ^^ I’m not saying that I am done though! My brother and I will probably beat Secret of Mana 2 next week and I have a friend coming over to play Darksiders Genesis the week after that so I’ll probably get to add at least two more games to the list ^^ I was supposed to play Wulverblade with another friend today but my freezer died so I have been cleaning out that thing instead 😦

And tomorrow I need to help a friend who’s moving, the same friend who’s gonna play Darksiders with me, so I should sleep because it’s really late πŸ¦†

#91: Alien vs Predator (snes)

Slow month, yes.

Alien vs Predator for the snes is a beat em up and it is…meh. Slide to knock the enemies back, start charging the shoulder cannon, shoot and repeat until you win! It got pretty boring and only when two enemies managed to surround me things became a bit hectic. oh and the bosses were pretty hard. The controls are responsive so at least it’s got that going for it.

The presentation is…mixed πŸ€”The pixelart in the cutscenes look good, the character sprites in game look fine and the backgrounds are, how do I say this nicely, shit πŸ¦† They look like a jumbled mess of pixels and even the ones that I thought looked ok does not hold a candle to most other SNES games. Oh and the sound is forgettable 😦

So overall the game was easy, it looks meh and sounds meh. Not the worst game but pretty boring, give it a go if you are a fan of aliens and/or predators.

Oh and the final endscreen was just “the end” so that could have been anything…

5/10 Cheesy slide attacks

The AVP Arcade game looks fun and you can play it co-op, something that the SNES version is missing.

I have been doing a lot of nothing this month. I tried playing Soul Reaver 2 on emulator but that game does not want to be emulated! Not even the PS3 managed to run it without glitching o_O I also played some Rocket League with a friend, pretty fun but, oh boy, does it ever get frustrating. I have also played more Skater XL. Nothing new added to the game that I can see but I never get tired of doing a totally rad -laser flip – tail slide- down a gnarly handrail ;D